Gann: Earlier History

This timeline below is credited to Rebecca Catalanello from the Tampa Bay Times.
Twins make for serious case of 'whodunit'

Ganns timeline~  A partial timeline of Gann brothers' (mostly Jordan's) activities:

1999: Both arrested on multiple breaking and entering charges in Methuen, Mass.

July 8, 1999: Jordan arrested in Salem, N.H., after running from an officer. Gann says he had warrants in Massachusetts.

 Aug. 18, 2000: Jordan arrested in Nashua, N.H., charged with stalking a music store employee, telling her he's a 21-year-old attorney. Officers find pills on him, which he says are ecstasy.

Aug. 30, 2000: Jordan arrested in Nashua, accused of stealing $1,600 from a woman. He told officers he spent it on court fines, bills, a leather jacket and shoes.

Dec. 9, 2000: Nashua police respond when Jordan tells a woman he might kill himself if she doesn't drive him to Hudson, N.H. He eludes police capture.

2001: Warrant issued for Simon for failure to appear in court in Massachusetts.

July 2003: Meredith Gavin files a complaint that she was conned by a man she believes is Jordan in Orlando.

Oct. 25, 2003: Jordan arrested near Salt Lake City when officers discover four stolen luxury car keys on him that he says he wanted for an identity scam.

January 2004: Someone files a complaint with Tucson, Ariz., police that Jordan defrauded them of a computer.

February 2004: Jordan arrested after Pensacola police say he conned a bar owner into paying $97 for new scrubs and a lab coat embroidered with the name "Dr. Carlos Ramirez." Gann tells the bar owner he has deposited $250,000 into the man's account, then takes $400 from him before disappearing. Later, posing as a real estate buyer, he convinces two Fort Walton Beach real estate brokers to buy him a computer and rent him a hotel room. He vanishes again, leaving the new lab coat in a victim's car.

Aug. 20, 2004: Authorities in Nashville arrest a man they first believe is Simon, but fingerprints later show is Jordan, who is wanted in Florida. A bar manager in Nashville claimed Gann stabbed him with a pen after refusing to pay an $80 bar tab.

Nov. 17, 2004-July 15, 2006: Jordan is in Gulf Correctional Institute in Florida for grand theft stemming from the North Florida incidents.

Aug. 21, 2007: Jordan is arrested in Tucson, Ariz., after a Coldwell Banker employee tells police a suspicious person told her he is an oncologist and wants to buy homes in the $800,000 to $1-million price range. He tells police he is Matt P. Cohen of Massachusetts and is arrested on charges of false reporting to police and refusing to give his name. The arresting officer finds a New Jersey warrant for him. He is carrying the picture of a small girl, who he tells police is his daughter in Florida.

Sept. 28, 2007: Melody Stang, a St. Petersburg real estate broker, tells police she was defrauded of $2,440 by a man claiming to be Dr. Shawn J. Rosenthal, an oncologist at St. Joseph's Hospital.

Oct. 9, 2007: Tampa police issue a warrant for Jordan, saying he defrauded a woman of $750 after convincing her he was a doctor who wanted to give her a $10,000 bank account.

Oct. 14, 2007: Jordan is arrested at Hattricks Tavern in Tampa after a manager learns he's wanted and calls police. He is booked into jail and a judge later revokes bail.

Oct. 29, 2007: Simon tells the St. Petersburg Times he is in Nassau, Bahamas, at a casino. Alexandria, Va., police confirm they are investigating a theft complaint against Simon and say they believe he is in the Washington, D.C., or Philadelphia area.


  1. I can't believe these two pieces of crap are still on the streets and aren't incarcerated for life where they can never be released.

  2. Please contact us. Our family was conned by Simon in Puerto Rico 2007. The FBI told us to leave the island bc they could not protect us. He was in custody in San Juan with my husband and they let him go, put our family at risk. We would like to know how to help with putting these terrible humans away for life. The con will not stop, they are very good. Please respond by email to

  3. Jordan is still at it.
    Scamming on dating sites.
    Tried to scam me..but I googled him after obtaining info.
    He's good too..but I'm too selfish to part with my money..and I followed my gut. Good luck

  4. How the he'll have so many loose ladies let this nasty ass loser blast one off in them. Then what's worse not abort this demented criminals spawn? Seriously who barebacks a one night stand. Gross

    1. Exactly...these people who allow themselves to be conned and robbed by someone they don't even know are just plain stupid

    2. You are a sad person if you have no empathy for the VICTIMS! You have NO RIGHT to shame any of them!! You are so sure of yourself yet, you posted anonymously.....what a wondeful human being you are. Must be fun at parties!

  5. That's it. Just victimize the victim. How sick and cruel of you. No one deserves to be violated-no matter what you think!!

  6. These two will never stop. As they get older they will become more desperate. Don’t go anywhere with a guy you just met in a bar!

  7. Jordan Gann Is currently in Altamonte Springs, FL viewing apartments for "some clients"

  8. Jordan Gann was questioned and promptly released yesterday in Altemonte. If he had warrants he would have been arrested so I don't know what is going on.

  9. On POF -- thank goodness for google.

  10. I have reason to believe that Jordan Gann has been arrested 5/2/2018 in Winter Park, and may show up in the Orange County Inmate database.