Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vegas ~ 10/30/12

Simon Gann AKA Ari Channis ~ is now in Vegas.
Here is the latest news article on him: Con Man Plays Game of Cat-and-Mouse

The problem with this article is it doesn't really cover the depth of how long he has been doing this. Nor does it explain that his brother Jordan was released from Jail in Florida a few months ago - so these two could be working together at this point.

What I AM thankful for is that his face is now out there again!
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  1. We just trespassed one of the brothers from our casino in Biloxi. He used a passport that said Simon Gann, but he looks more like the picture of Jordan (smaller nose). I appreciate the posts. He was setting up one of our regular players for a scam. We were able to throw him out before any damage was done.

  2. Hi Greg- thanks for the update. I'm pretty sure it was Simon. Jordan doesn't do the scam w gambling in casinos. That's all Simon. Jordan is the less intelligent of the two, which is why Jordan always gets caught. You should contact the police. They'd pursue him if charges were filed. I can't believe he's still in Vegas. Ass.

  3. Simon Gann Arrested in Phoenix

  4. i just found your site. i was scammed back in 2012 by simon, in san diego, ca. good to know he has been arrested. what a pair.

  5. Met this guy on am online dating site 4 months ago. He totally tried to con me into letting him use my money to make a ton of money gambling. Only problem was: I gamble at baccarat and no amount of money can get me to play blackjack after losing over 80k a few years back. He kinda got pissed that I wouldn't do it and that's where our communications ended. Saw him on the local news today (miami) and I'm thankful for a strong mind. He is in jail on $7,500 bond after convincing some guy to pawn his rolex for 20k so he can gamble it at the Hardrock. When the guy went to the bathroom (in his hotel room), Simon stole money and valuables. Smh.

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